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Bank Customers Expect Well-Stocked Branch

Monday, December 15, 2014 1:51:00 PM America/New_York

Pollsters document standout trend among retail banking patrons 

Banking customers overwhelmingly prefer to generate foot traffic to branches, despite the spread of push-button alternatives like digital choices.

A Gallup report, “How Customers Interact With Their Banks,” is encouraging news, according to Bankmart, which posits that a demand exists for branches to be at the ready. The New Jersey-based provider of supplies and equipment for financial services firms says there is a continuing need for bank supplies to maintain and upgrade customer-driven functions.

Gallup's study showed that customers still prefer in-person branch interactions for a range of traditional services:

– To open or close an account, apply for a loan or seek financial advice;

– To report a problem or inquire about a fee or service charge;

– To deposit or withdraw money;

– To learn about new products and services or request a loan payoff amount, and

– To request specific account information or transfer funds between accounts.

Otherwise, for receiving statements and paying bills, mail and online methods get the nod.

For getting alerts, multiple methods – mail and email, for example – can do the job.

With customers telling the polling organization they prefer visiting a branch for so many reasons, managers of the financial institutions need to keep branches supplied with the essentials, Bankmart advises.

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Bank Customers Loyal To Attentive Service

Friday, November 14, 2014 12:03:11 PM America/New_York

Consumers bank where they feel their needs are understood and met

Studies have shown the trend in banking on the local level is offering customer- friendly services.

Just as customers support local retailers and restaurants, they also display the same kind of loyalty to a hospitable bank that offers customer-centric services.

The trend to fostering a local identity stems from bankers' familiarity with their customers' needs. Bankmart™ caters to banks and their needs to support their local services.

Among bankmart's top categories are items for a bank's customer-friendly lobby and facilities.

These include brochure holders, queue guides and stanchions, hand sanitizers for customers waiting in line, storage units, flags, key cabinets, mats, perpetual calendars, rate displays, security and counter pens, and signage.

Other top categories for back office operations are deposit bags, coin and currency wrappers and seals, ATM materials, tellers' needs, check processing, and refills like ink and toner for imaging equipment.

Serving financial institutions since 1976, bankmart continually researches new products and seeks innovations that will help a banking organization improve its operational efficiencies and cut costs.

Not only is there an extensive catalogue, which is free upon request, Bankmart offers live customer service via is e-commerce site, and payments for orders can be on any of four major credit cards.

From the needs of the largest financial institutions to those of small local banks, bankmart's supplies represent an array of easy and cost-effective products.

Gearing Up For Busy Holidays

Thursday, September 18, 2014 3:26:38 PM America/New_York

Consumer retail patterns forecast upside in banking business

Planning for the 2014 holiday season has gotten under way among retailers, who had to re-assess after last year's predictions missed the mark, projecting then that consumers would be lying low.


If patterns hold for this year, banks will need to be prepared for increased holiday traffic from business customers as well as from individual consumers, suggests the Cranford, N.J.-based Bankmart™ company, a leading banking-supplies source.


When reports of consumer spending were released following the 2013 holidays, the National Retail Federation reported not only that spending was up from the previous year but also had risen consistently throughout the season.

Demand will rise, Bankmart says, for items pertaining to deposits, such as deposit tickets and deposit sleeves, tamper-evident plastic deposit coin bags for mixed deposits and cash transfer shipments, and more.

Currency straps from Bankmart can enclose pre-counted amounts sought by a bank's commercial accounts needing to make change among myriad other cash transactions.


Individual customers can be expected to need coin wrappers, and currency entering and leaving individual accounts typically will need mechanical counting for backup affirmations of accuracy and will need counterfeit detectors, as well.


The extensive Bankmart catalogue offers a range of supplies that can equip any branch with whatever it may need, including cleaning products as well as lollipops and dog biscuits.


Bankmart offers just about everything a banker may need, or even think of

With close governmental scrutiny and ever-changing regulatory requirements, the responsibilities of those in the banking industry – from tellers to presidents – may at times seem overwhelming.

In addition to addressing regulatory challenges and pursuing optimum customer satisfaction, one characteristic all banks share is a need for the basic supplies required to keep their respective financial institutions running efficiently on a day-to-day and long-term basis.

Fortunately, a quick and cost-effective solution to filling a short or extensive list of banking essentials is found at Bankmart.

Via its online store, the New Jersey-based company specializes in satisfying the supply needs of banks and banking personnel nationwide, offering product lines that include just about everything a banker may need – or even think of.

Featuring many of the most sought-after brands, the retailer features hundreds of products within an array of bank-product categories suited for financial institutions large and small, including bags, coin and currency-related essentials and accessories, ATM and teller supplies, forms, and more.

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Your safety lies in tamper evident bags

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 2:38:17 PM America/New_York


It’s unlikely that you are personally placing your cash within the secure space of an armored vehicle when it is being transferred to its final destination. Even if that is the case, there is plenty of time during transit for someone to tamper with your assets. When your funds leave your hands, how can you be sure that they are secure?

Bankmart Direct has numerous product lines available to put your mind at ease and ensure that your needs will be met. Whether you require a product for securely transporting coins, cash, or even checks, we have a solution. Our tamper evident bags meet all Federal Reserve requirements and come in various sizes to fit your requests. With state-of-the art security features such as the Vault Process Certified VPC seal and thermachromic ink, which changes color when exposed to heat, it will be apparent if some attempted to access the contents.

Without Bankmart’s tamper evident bags, you could be a victim of theft and not realize until it is too late. Timing is a factor when it comes to retrieving stolen goods. If any of the security features indicate a breach, you will be notified immediately, giving you a greater chance of resolution.

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Bankmart: leader in banking supplies

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 2:35:18 PM America/New_York


Whether moving money between banks, making a deposit from a retail store, or transferring funds from a commercial bank to the Federal Reserve, it is imperative that your cash is safe and secure.  While the funds will be moved via an armored vehicle, how can you be confident that nothing is tampered with in transit?

The answer lies in tamper evident bags offered by Bankmart Direct.  When it comes to protecting your cash, it is important to have the upper hand by using the best systems and products available.  These state-of-the-art bank deposit bags are imperative for loss prevention.  With numerous security features designed to protect your assets, once the money is placed in the tamper evident bags and they are sealed, it will be clear as to whether someone attempted to access the contents.

With a large selection of product lines, Bankmart Direct has become the leader in banking supplies that offer you an added sense of security.  The modern bank deposit bags eliminate old, inefficient canvas bags.  Clear bags allow the teller to see directly inside to contents, saving a great deal of time.  When subjected to elements of heat or moisture, and when attempted to open, security features are activated to visibly indicate the bag has been breached.  With Bankmart Direct bank deposit bags, you can feel confident that your assets are safe when they are out of eyesight.

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Bankmart offers protection EcoLok

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 1:58:47 PM America/New_York


Bankmart Offers Protection -- for Both Your Assets and the Environment

You want to feel that your cash is safe when being transported from your commercial bank or retail location to its final destination, and that requires a durable security deposit bag with a high-tech design.  Sturdy plastic construction might be strong enough to hold heavy contents like coins, but with the expected one-time use, are not environmentally friendly.  Security and environmental awareness have come together to form the first commercially available plastic security deposit bag constructed with 100% degradable film.

Bankmart Direct EcoLok tamper evident bags have all the features you want in a security deposit bag, including the “void feature”, through which a message appears when the package is exposed to heat, cold, moisture or chemicals.  VideoVisual security camera readable barcodes allow you to track your funds throughout the entire trip.  Once the deposit bags have been accepted and the contents have been removed, the bag typically ends up in a landfill where the 3 key elements of heat, sunlight and moisture trigger the degradation process to begin.  With the EcoLok Bankmart tamper evident bags, you don’t have to worry about your money or being wasteful.  Make the smart choice!



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